Monday, 9 March 2009

Democracy - Sacred Belief?

Perhaps blindly believing in certain things is important. Perhaps it is wrong to criticise parliamentary democracy and maybe, if we all maintain our conviction in it, our shared values will bond us together in social harmony, peace and prosperity.
Some would say that immutable belief can fly in the face of 'truth' and that 'truth' is the value that we should all hold dear. But if the only concrete proof of 'truth' is evidence then maybe politics would be better served by science than by democracy!?
Is evidence of past 'truths' any predictor of the future of society? Maybe it can be. The social sciences surely have something to offer, providing insight through case history and experiment.
However, improving society surely requires more than facts: Goals, values and creativity are ingredients that can be added and mixed together by effective democracy.
This site challenges the sacred belief that the current political system is as good as it gets.

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