Monday, 18 January 2010

Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg has declared that he will withhold his tax until the government caps bankers bonuses. He commented that people have said to him that he should express his power through the ballot box, but he points out that there's no one to vote for who will curb this sort of excess. He also points out that we are all shareholders of some of these banks.

Billy has reached the point where he is questioning the efficacy of British democracy.

Interactive Democracy could be used to address this issue by people like Billy. In fact he is well positioned to become an opinion leader on this subject, given his access to the media and his fan base.

Hear his interview on The Jeremy Vine Programme, Radio 2, 18/01/10.


Chris said...

Seems a bit stupid, won't he just get fined £100 which will just make the Gov more money? Some more info or to get involved then check out here

About Interactive Democracy said...

Maybe he's doing it for a bit of self promotion. Maybe he'll sell many more records, enough to cover the cost of any fines.