Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Sham of Democracy

"The Sham of Democracy" is an article by Bill Bonner in MoneyWeek (24/02/2012). In it he writes
"The Italian city states practised real democracy too. In 15th-century Florence, for example, citizens voted on whether or not to build a cathedral. Then, they voted on what shape it should take. A scale model was built, Citizens knew what it would look like. They understood how it was built and how much it would cost them. They cast their ballots and took responsibility for the outcome. American democracy, circa 2012, has no more in common with real democracy than American capitalism has in common with real capitalism. Both are degenerate, corrupt and geriatric."

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Stephen said...

There has to be a way for the internet to aid in democracy. Sure there are pitfalls and inadequacies, but there simply has to be more conversation, information and collaboration on what makes a great democratic model, and how we can inject technology into it, so that people are empowered to have their voice.