Friday, 28 November 2014


Demoex (from democracy experiment) has a representative in Vallentuna, a suburb of Stockholm. Any local resident over the age of 16 can vote on issues that the council are about to decide and their councilor then re-presents their view. Anyone can get involved in the preceding online debate if they can write in Swedish. Demoex held this seat for more than 8 years, winning three elections, but lost the recent election after amalgamating with other direct democracy advocates to create a national party, Direktdemokraterna.

Denny de la Haye founded a UK branch of Demoex and ran in the 2010 UK General Election. Please see his comments below (thanks, Denny - I've updated this post).

Demoex also have a presence in Brazil.

Lista Partecipata is an Italian initiative using a similar concept as Demoex. Their slogan is "The control of government in the hands of the citizens (and not only at election time)".

Senator On-Line is an Australian political party which proposes to have no platform but rather to act based on online polls.

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Denny said...

Hey, thanks for the mention :) Could you change the link on my name to my political campaign website please? That's probably more relevant/interesting to your readers:

The original Demoex is no more - they formed/merged into a national direct democracy party, and sadly lost their seat in Vallentuna. Hopefully they will be voted back in at their next elections! More info here:

(The whole of that blog is interesting reading, although he does sound quite downheartened through much of it - I can sympathise!)