Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dangerous and Naive!

There are several core concepts to Interactive Democracy:

  1. Democracy can be improved with technology which can be highly secure.
  2. Any modern democracy requires voter identity and secure databases.
  3. Good decisions can be made by the electorate, not just the elite, because voters possess a vast depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.
  4. Parliament should be responsible for the quality of data on which decisions are made using statistical analysis where appropriate.
  5. Issues attract the electorate with vested interests in the outcome (eg teachers and parents on education issues).
  6. A free press is crucial to democracy; "media interest" provides the impetus to make ID successful.
  7. Facilitating everyone's contribution to new policy suggestions through the IdeasEngine (ePetition) system, outside the constraints of the party politics, will be good for society.
These notions are unproven and may be naive ideology. For sure, they are dangerous to the status quo.

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