Monday, 19 January 2009

"Not in my back yard!"

From my office window I can look across a wooded valley to hills rising to 600m above sea level. It's a lovely view. But there are plans a foot to build enormous great wind turbines on the top. We received the first consultation news letter from the developer this morning, as did, I presume, every household in the area. It included a web address for more information.
With its postcode segmenting ability, Interactive Democracy could facilitate a vote by local residents on just such a plan. I imagine that many people would cast their votes quickly, but may change them in the future as the shock wears off and they are better able to way up the pros and cons: jobs, environment, the scale of the visual impact, etc. This could be an interesting measure of PR success or failure for the developer or their exponents and may motivate their campaign.
Personally I'd vote for the turbines, I just wish I was given the chance.

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