Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Debate, Hate

The attempted killing of Congresswoman Gifford has caused some consternation about the way political debate has been conducted in America. Some pundits have pointed to Sarah Palin's website, where cross hairs were used to target seats, as encouraging violence. On the other hand the Arizona Massacre may be blamed on the lunacy of the gunman. Nevertheless, this raises the question: Would intense involvement of the general public in the Interactive Democracy system lead to more hate and hate crime?
ID should quell these fears:
  • It empowers individuals, potentially reducing the need for acts of rebellion
  • Is designed to extract rational argument (plus, minus and interesting points and values)
  • Illuminates with evidence and personal experience
  • Is a web system that encourages debate but rules against swearing and verbal aggression
  • Is supported by laws against threatening behaviour, religious hatred and encouraging violence.

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