Friday, 29 May 2009

IQ and Power

On the face of it, Interactive Democracy provides equal voting power to all, whether your IQ is 50 or 150. However, this isn't the full story.
  1. If your IQ is high you are far better able to persuade others of your case because you are likely to be more eloquent and coherent. So you can have a greater effect on far more votes.
  2. People with a higher IQ may feel less intimidated about votes on complex issues and are likely to want to be more involved in politics. It's likely that fewer votes will be cast by below average IQ people than those with above average IQ.
  3. People who vote randomly, without consideration of the debate, balance out each others votes, for and against, and the best arguments can still win a referendum.
It's also worth remembering that those people with low IQs may have more experience of certain social issues than your "average" genius, they may have greater empathy and may be more moral, so their votes should be valued all the same.

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