Friday, 29 May 2009

Choosing to be a Politician

There is a notion that anyone can become a politician if they want to and that the party system selects and promotes the best candidates. Interactive Democracy doesn't undermine this system, however, it does counter balance it.
Not anyone can become a political candidate. For a start it is expensive to launch an election campaign as an independent, so the usual route is to become a party member to garner support and funding. However, if you are a party member you must tow the party line from time to time, so this very system can undermine an individuals freedom to act in line with their own conscience.
Interactive Democracy hands more power to those with an interest in politics who don't want to become party members or serving MPs. Some of these people are extraordinarily bright, with in depth experience in specific fields. Just think of all those doctors, judges, lawyers, professors, teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs and directors out there.

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