Thursday, 4 June 2009

5 Steps to a Digital Britain

This report about eDemocracy, by Andy Williamson of the Hansard Society, identifies 5 steps for a Digital Britain. Please click on the link to read all about them.
It seems to me that much of what is suggested (access, information literacy and content) will develop over time, but it is a concern that a digital divide could disenfranchise part of the population from the Interactive Democracy model. Ease of access to the ePetition and voting systems is important, but it is also worth remembering that a trip to the local library, where Internet access is usually free, is hardly more difficult than a trip to a polling station. And in my experience, librarians are usually very helpful when it comes to getting on-line. I don't believe we need to wait until everyone has personal Internet access before implementing Interactive Democracy.
Also, giving people power is, in its self, motivating. Just look at all the management stuff on empowerment!

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