Monday, 8 June 2009

The Blame Game

The blame game seems to be endemic in our society. We blame politicians, bankers, social workers. Sometimes even victims of crime for not taking adequate precautions. Following trends set in the USA, litigation is on the increase. Blaming the government for pretty much everything has long been the norm.
Interactive Democracy means that everyone must take more responsibility for public life. To use the cliche, with power comes responsibility.
Will a continuing willingness to blame the government perpetuate demand after demand for dissolution of the government in the Interactive Democracy system? If it did, this could seriously hamper social progress, like adding grit instead of oil to a machine. However, there is hope that this wouldn't be the case: it always amazes me that out of the bickering, Yaa-Boo Parliament the opposition rally behind the government on issues of national defence and foreign policy. In a similar way I would hope that they would support the smooth running of Interactive Democracy rather than use it to agitate for the demise of the government. Looking to their own future as a government they would be wise to set the right president.

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