Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bristol Vote on Graffiti

Bristol, the home city of Bansky, the elusive and acclaimed artist, is allowing its residents to vote on the removal of graffiti. This democratic process will be a stand against crime for some and a vote for freedom for others.
Shouldn't property owners have the first and final say on graffiti on their buildings? But assuming that that hurdle is cleared, perhaps because the wall is publicly owned, there are other complications. As each piece of graffiti may have its own merits, not just because of its creative content but in relation to the surface it was painted on, whether it is a bland concrete fence or Georgian facade, surely votes should be cast on each work - an administrative nightmare for a conventional ballot. Interactive Democracy could help streamline this, especially if a photo file was attached to each ballot. It could also automatically favour votes by residents of the area, the immediate postcode, ahead of the wider population of the city, who may only be given half a vote each!?

More from The Guardian here.

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