Friday, 4 September 2009

Votes from Abroad

Nationals who are working or living abroad will still be able to vote using an Internet based Interactive Democracy (ID) system in the same way that we can access our Internet bank accounts. Perhaps a more difficult challenge would be to ensure that military personnel on active service have sufficient access to the Internet.
Several aspects of the system will help to facilitate votes even though access to the voting system may be infrequent:

  • Votes may be cast well before the ballot ends, perhaps months in advance
  • Liquid Democracy can be used to delegate votes on certain subjects to respected individuals
  • You may allow your spouse or a trusted friend to access your ID account (by giving them your user name and password) and cast the vote on your behalf. Perhaps you would direct them by telephone.

The ID system would simplify the administration of General, EU and Council Elections for those working abroad and could provide substantial cost savings compared to the present system.

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