Saturday, 10 October 2009

Super Capitalism - The battle for democracy in an age of big business.

In his book "Supercapitalism", Robert Reich writes

"Democracy means more than a process of free and fair elections. Democracy, in my view, is a system for accomplishing what can only be achieved by citizens - to determine the rules of the game whose outcomes express the common

"... supercapitalism has spilled over into politics. The money... companies are pouring into Washington and every other major capitol gets in the way.... The challenge for us citizens is to stop them from setting the rules."

Interactive Democracy pulls political power away from those who secretly and insidiously buy political power, and gives it back to voters. Instead, the supercapitalists have to persuade us by the merit of their arguments.

Professor Robert Reich, University of California, Berkeley, was America's 22nd Secretary of Labour. Please click here for his blog.

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