Tuesday, 20 October 2009

"Who Runs Britain?"

In " Who Runs Britain?" Robert Peston's writes:

"We've witnessed in the past decade the way that all the main political parties have been prepared to grant access and influence to those with the wherewithal to fund their operations. Even with reform of the system of funding political parties, the wealthy will always find a way to buy political power - whether through the direct sponsorship of politicians and parties, or through the acquisition of media businesses, or through the financing of think tanks. To put it another way, the voices of the superwealthy are heard by politicians well above the babble of the crowd."

In the ID system I would expect the superwealthy to continue to use money to exert their influence, perhaps by "buying" politicians, perhaps through manipulating the media and also through advertising spend. Ultimately, however, Interactive Democracy allows us individual voters to express our power on each issue, as it arises, and the superwealthy influencers must persuade you and me.

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