Thursday, 4 March 2010

Evolving Interface

Interactive Democracy is a type of direct democracy, but at its core is the utilisation of information technology to foster debate. The design of the Internet interface - the web pages used by voters - can add lots of value to the system.
Anyone reading through these posts will realise that various ideas for the voter interface have sprung up:
  • Adding initiatives
  • Adding comments and questions to initiatives to create threads
  • Voting and supporting
  • Changing your vote after it is cast
  • Questioning governments
  • Calling for information and studies
  • Listing Plus, Minus and Interesting Points
  • Using unbiased search engines
  • Linking to government reports
  • Facilitating Liquid Leadership
Given that these ideas have evolved over time, it would be prudent to allow users of the system to make suggestions for new improvements of the system and allow them to register their complaints and problems.

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