Monday, 19 April 2010

Voting Decisions?

How do you decide who to vote for? How do you make that decision?
Do you rule out parties that have let you down in the past?
Do you rule out politicians that have been dishonest?
Do you choose the manifesto you like? Do you still vote for that party if you like most of it but strongly disapprove of one or two policies?
Do you vote based on the leadership qualities of the prospective PM?
Do you support a party because they're the people you have most affinity for, regardless of anything else?
Do you condemn a party for what it did 20 years ago?
Do you vote based on how the policies are going to effect your wallet?
Do you vote tactically?
Do you merge all these concepts together and vote for who you feel will be best?
Or do you give up on the task and let others decide?

Within the Interactive Democracy system you would need to judge the quality of the candidate and the team that could form the government. But you could vote separately on individual policies as they arise in the course of the parliament. In short it would separate out a vote based on candidates and votes on individual policies (after a specific debate on those issues).

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