Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Revolution or Evolution

Re-structuring democracy with technology that allows the electorate to create and vote on issues is a revolutionary concept. Maybe as big as giving women the vote. But do we need to get there in one big step? Why not take small steps and an evolutionary approach to the development of democracy. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Create a suggestion and "seconding" system which parliament and government should take into account. (The No. 10 ePetition site does this now but may be criticised for being partisan.)
  2. Introduce a petition system for all parliamentary business. The petition should be available to members of parliament before they cast their votes. Add postcodes to the names on the petition and report the votes by region so that members of parliament can take into account the wishes of their electorate.
  3. Introduce e-voting for those that want it for application to our normal elections (being trialed).
  4. Trial Interactive Democracy in local government.
  5. Link the suggestion, petition and e-voting systems.

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