Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Secret Votes

It seems to me to be crucial that votes are secret so that coercion of voters is prevented. This is more difficult to prevent in eVoting systems that use the internet or mobile phones as opposed to special eVoting terminals. Here are some ideas to prevent it:

  1. Coercion carries a severe penalty in law. Accessing anyone's voting account would be deemed criminal behaviour. This law would preclude parents or teachers from accessing minors' on-line Voting Accounts.

  2. Votes can be changed at any time until the cut off date. Allowing access to the system from any internet terminal and mobile phone would give voters the opportunity to change a vote they felt pressured into making.

  3. A voter can change their password at any time as a security measure.

  4. The unique Vote Tag (described below) would allow voters to verify that their vote was cast correctly, without revealing their identity.

  5. A significant majority, maybe 10%, would be required to carry the vote. This would minimise the impact of any minor vote rigging.

  6. Selling or buying votes would be outlawed and the police should crack down on any black market in votes that may develop.

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