Wednesday, 11 April 2012


"We have very strong intuitions about all kinds of things — our own ability, how the economy works, how we should pay school teachers. But unless we start testing those intuitions, we’re not going to do better."
Dan Ariely

It seems to me that science should have a large role in democracy and this TED talk shows why, and the whys and wherefores of cheating, just a little bit; effected by in-groups and out-groups. Food for thought!

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Stephen said...

Hi Andy,

Fascinating stuff, I enjoyed both those videos, the monkeys were hilarious, but I really got something out of both of them, particularly the first one about cheating and intuition. Kurt told me that he thought there must be some relevant applications from this research conducted, to Interactive websites that would house policy initiatives.

For example - honesty, could we monitor the "fudge" factor, and learn to minimize it, so that people are not tempted to "hack" into these sites to manipulate data. Hacking into secure websites MUST be viewed as worse than stealing money (cash).Similarly, could we study peoples intuition and get them to listen to reason on certain policies that goes against their "intuition"

Cheers, Stephen