Monday, 16 April 2012

Interface Design

Thanks to Stephen for mocking-up the first two pages of a voter interface design for Interactive Democracy. This was based on our discussions on the forum, please click here.
Some of the design criteria were:
  1. simple and easy access that could be drilled down into for further detail
  2. the facility to point out problems, suggest initiatives and vote on referendums
  3. the ability to raise points for and against, to point out interesting aspects about the subject and to provide supporting information
This is a work in progress and any comments will be welcome.


Stephen said...

Looks great Andy, next time we tweak a design element or add something in, I will do the images twice as big, so when people click on the image (on this blog)the image will show more detail and clarity.

I apologize for the size, I meant to make them much larger (sigh) I hate making mistakes!!

A few people that have seen these mock ups on Interactive Democracy and on WLP have commented to me on how simple the website would be to use, if it were online.

They also can see the benefits of the existance of such a website.

(hope no one steals the idea!)


Shaun said...

Looks great guys!

I really like the simplistic interface, something of utmost importance. Good design like this can actually improve waning interest in political participation, and even increase follow up involvement, because the internet is so convenient for so many people now.


Ari said...

Freedom of speech is just an illusion in Finland and other Nordic countries.

Finnish newspapers are dependent on Finnish political elite, neighbouring governments and even powerful banks. Citizens are unaware of many subjects in Finland:

The Swedes executed at least 460 Finns in the spring 1918.

In Espoo near Helsinki, the Swedes fenced off the school building with barbed wire, to ban children the access to a Finnish school.

Finnish TV channels, newspapers and magazines have to fit their news, stories and articles into political ideology of Nordic cooperation. Anything which does not fit this ideology, will be hidden from the people.

Denny said...

Have you looked at ? It's not a million miles away from your mock-ups.